Song Lyric Sunday — “Nosferatu”

To be honest, when Helen Vahdati announced this week’s Song Lyric Sunday theme is “fear,” my first thought was “more cowbell!” I really tried to find some song other than Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” but finally admitting defeat, I went to You Tube to find an appropriate video. Once there, the strangest thing happened. I found another Blue Oyster Cult song I liked better: “Nosferatu,” BOC’s homage to the 1920s German film of the same name. The cool thing was that the best videos paired the song with footage from the film. Here’s one of them:




Deep in the heart of Germany
Lucy clutched her breast in fear
She heard the beat of her lover’s heart
For weeks she raved in dreams he appeared
From far Transylvania

Only a woman can break his spell
Pure in heart who will offer herself
To Nosferatu

This ship pulled in without a sound
The faithful captain long since cold
He kept his log till the bloody end
Last entry read “Rats in the hold.
My crew is dead, I fear the plague”

Only a woman can break his spell
Pure in heart who will offer hefself
To Nosferatu

Mortal terror reigned
Sickness now then horrible death
Only Lucy knew the truth
And at her window

So chaste so calm, she gave herself
To the pleasure of her dreaded master
He sucked the precious drops of life
Throughout the long and cold dark night

One last goodbye, he was blinded by love
One last goodbye, he was blinded by love
Blinded by love

He screamed with fear, he’d stayed too long in her room
The morning sun had come too soon
The spell was broken with a kiss of doom
He vanished into dust, left her all alone

Only a woman can break his spell
Pure in heart, who will offer herself
To Nosferatu

Publisher: Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

And because I know you want to see it, here’s the Saturday Night Live cowbell skit (almost…couldn’t find the original; see Felicia Denise‘s post in comment section for link to original):


Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Bodily Functions

For the better part of today, my brain has been working in the background, mulling over  Stream of Consciousness Saturday’s prompt “bodily function.”  To be honest, I guess I must be sort of prudish, because all I could think of was bodily functions that are usually not discussed in polite company. (Thank you, Emily Post. You probably don’t remember her. She was the original etiquette queen. Waaaay before Miss Manners came along. But I digress.) Despite my prudishness, my biggest laugh today was reading Fandango’s take on the subject on his This, That, & the Other blog. He chose farts. You’re laughing now, too, I bet. Go read it; you’ll laugh even harder.

Anyhooo, part of my mulling was about autonomous bodily functions, those you really have no control over. (That does NOT include farting, because, as everyone knows, you can hold that in, for quite a while with practice. Again, digressing.) I mean something like blinking. Since this is SoC, I think it’d be cheating to leave now and do a little research, but I think the main reason for blinking is to keep your eyeballs hydrated. Every blink spreads a layer of useful tears.

Did you ever have a blinking contest when you were a kid? Or when an adult with a kid? Or when a drunk adult? Like farts, you can control blinking for quite a while (not as long as farts). Sooner or later, however, you lose control and blink. In my experience it’s sooner rather than later. I think it’s partly because my eyes need a LOT of hydrating but also because once I start thinking I can’t do something, if it’s a rule or a law, I can’t stop thinking about doing it. Like telling someone not to think about elephants. (Try THAT.) My will power tends to break down pretty quickly. Plus, it’s just my nature to buck authority.

The blinking game ends when the first person blinks. That person lost the game. Although the game is usually for fun, sometimes the stakes are high. For instance, first person to blink has to run around the block, or load the dishwasher for a week, or become a hostile foreign leader’s lap dog/puppet/patsy.

Photo credit “The Staring Contest” by Anthony Letmon; found on Wikimedia Commons

Reblog: SoCS — All About Farting

Because everyone needs a hearty laugh…..

This, That, and the Other

businessman fartingSo for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, Linda G. Hill challenged us to write a post about a bodily function. Actually, she said we could “decide on one or write about a whole bunch of bodily functions.”

My favorite bodily function is the fart. Because farts are funny. Back on July 1, 2017, I wrote a whole post about farts. Its focus was farting on airplanes and the bottom line (no pun intended) was that you should just go ahead and let it rip.

Farting is a natural part of the human digestive process. When you eat, you don’t just swallow food, you also swallow air, which contains nitrogen and oxygen. These tiny air bubbles make their way through our bodies and mix with hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane along the way. The only way they can escape the body is by releasing them out of our butts and into the…

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Quick Fire Round 10 Answers

Jack Be Nimble source: Wikimedia Commons

A Guy Called Bloke periodically posts lists of questions for anyone to answer. Now, I’ve blogged in the past that I don’t like participating in quizzes and questions. However, for some reason, Quick Fire Round 10 appealed to me. So here goes:

What is the one meal you could eat all day every day for the rest of your life if you had to?  Eggs, in any form

If we lived in an all grey world what three colours would you introduce as the first and only colours to our world?  Yellow, blue, green

Have you ever been starstruck?  Have I ever not been?

What is the best present you have ever received?  Transistor radio, Christmas, 10 years old

What film would best describe your life?   Either Gaslight or Pollyanna

What song would best describe your life?  I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

What is the next book you are thinking of reading?  The Notorious RBG

If you NEVER had to sleep and could sail through each and every day without getting tired, what would you be doing with all that extra time?  Wasting it

What question would you ask of a stranger to get to know them better quickly?  I don’t talk to strangers

Worst holiday you have ever had?  Christmas after deciding to leave husband but before leaving

You have the choice at dying at 100 or living to 200 but still go through the ageing process what would you select and why?  Live to 200 to see what the future holds

How will humans evolve in the next 1000 years – as in what do you think we will look like?  I don’t think we’ll make it another 1000 years

What’s the website you visit most often?  Toss up between YouTube and Facebook

If these were only two choices what would you pick and why: A planet with no fruit or a planet with no vegetables?  A planet with no vegetables, because that’s my least favorite food

In a world that is constantly changing on a daily basis what one thing do you hope will never change?  The ability to laugh

What is your astrological sign and do you think you are close to that personality type?  Libra; I’m very close

It is said that every one of us has a book waiting to be written, what would your book be?  Fantasy involving dragons, magic, and mythological beings

What is something you will NEVER do again?  Get married

Answers please on the transparent side to a droplet of water!