He’s been gone 3 years today. Still miss him every day.

J.E.M. Wildfire

During a massive downpour one afternoon in November of 2004, I opened my door to a scrawny little stray cat that I had been feeding. For months he had played hard-to-get. Hiding under my deck, waiting for me to leave before creeping out to eat. Gradually becoming used to me after I decided to just sit on the steps waiting for him. At some point, his hunger overcame his fear of me, and he came out to eat as long as I wasn’t TOO close to the food dish. Eventually, he came up to the deck to eat and meet my other two cats, who had decidedly different reactions to him. The big one ignored him, while the little one was VERY territorial, hissing and challenging the interloper. All that ended on that stormy afternoon when I opened the door.

Toby darted inside, ran through kitchen and family room, then…

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