Charlie Farren – “In My Movie”

More than anything else, Charlie Farren is a romantic. Yes, he is a hard rocker, who leaped out of Boston’s late-70s/early-80s club scene onto a national stage when he became the lead singer for The Joe Perry Project, Aerosmith’s co-founder’s side gig. He went on to form Farrenheit, a mid-80s MTV favorite, playing arenas throughout the country. But he’s a romantic rocker, putting his rockin’ life on the back burner for 22 years while he worked local IT jobs to support his wife and family. Nowadays he is a solo act, jamming occasionally with Joe Perry and frequently “special guesting” for REO Speedwagon, Three Dog Night, and, most recently, Jay Leno.

Now, I love all Charlie’s music — a bluesy, jazzy, rock’n’roll mix. Most of all I love his ballads.  My current favorite, “In My Movie,” comes from the 2011 CD “FBI,” by Farren Butcher Inc., his collaboration with Jon Butcher, another product of Boston’s late ’70s music scene. I’ve had the CD and song on constant loop for the past week. Can’t get enough! Thought you all might like it, too.


Note: I borrowed this pic from one of Charlie Farren’s recent posts re his current America’s Special Guest tour. Don’t know who the photog was, but most of Charlie’s tour pics are credited to Jonathan Keating. Hope neither he nor Charlie mind my using it.

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