Song Lyric Sunday — “Easter” by Marillion

Seasons/Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall is today’s theme for Song Lyric Sunday hosted by Jim Adams. I was already debating between two seasonal songs when I discovered “Easter” by Marillion, a neo-progressive rock band formed in Britain in 1979. “Easter” lyricist Steve Hogarth joined as lead singer in late 1988 when their original lead singer left after their fourth studio album.

According to Hogarth, “Easter” was “essentially written” prior to his joining Marillion. The band’s website credits lyrics to Hogarth and music to all five members (Hogarth, Ian Francesco Mosley, Mark Colbert Kelly, Peter John Trewavas, and Steven Thomas Rothery). W.B. Yeats’ poem “Easter 1916” inspired the lyrics, which Hogarth has characterized as an apolitical message of hope for the Irish people. First released on Marillion’s 1989 album “Season’s End,” “Easter” was released as a single in 1990 and peaked at 34 on the UK Chart.

As has become my usual custom, I’m featuring two videos. The first video is the original version of “Easter”  the second, is a fantastic live version from 2011.


A ghost of a mist was on the field
The grey and the green together
The noise of a distant farm machine
Out of the first light came

A tattered necklace of hedge and trees
On the southern side of the hill
Betrays where the border runs between
Where Mary Dunoon’s boy fell

Easter here again, a time for the blind to see
Easter, surely now can all of your hearts be free

Out of the port of Liverpool
Bound for the North of Ireland
The wash of the spray and horsetail waves
The roll of the sea below

And Easter here again, a time for the blind to see
Easter, surely now can all of your hearts be free

What will you do?
Make a stone of your heart?
Will you set things right?
When you tear them apart?
Will you sleep at night?
With the plough and the stars alight?

What will you do?
With the wire and the gun?
That’ll set things right
When it’s said and done?
Will you sleep at night?
Is there so much love to hide?

Forgive, Forget
Sing “Never again.”








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