Reblog: She Was Magic, writing challenge prompt

Re-blogging this beautiful piece. You may need tissues.

Mws R Writings

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She Was Magic

She was magic in that she always transformed the lives of others around her. She carried herself with such assurance that she could have stood tall next to anyone else in the world.

She loved with all the magic in her soul. She was able to make a person feel right down into the bottom of their locked heart. When she was done loving them they knew for sure that they mattered. The could feel that kind of love for all days.

Her magic was more than a touch or a word, her kind of magic permeated everyone she had shown kindness to or had loved. She was like a gentle night’s breeze, one that was felt all over, especially on the hottest nights. She was like fire that made your clothes, and skin hot to the touch, just from the…

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