Deep Thoughts



You can see the old man hates posing for pictures. He has learned to camouflage his hatred, looking at the camera so intensely that he seems to be reading your soul.  In reality though, he doesn’t notice the camera or your soul or you. His mind is focussed on some problem that none of us will ever understand. Something like, if the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, then two plus two can equal five. Eureka!


79 words. Written in response to The Haunted Wordsmith’s “Worth A Thousand Words” photo prompt of Einstein. Photo credit ParentRap @ 

Disclaimer: Any expression of science or mathematics is likely incorrect, since I’m a word person, not a numbers person.

Benjamin Orr’s Voice

One of the vexing things about prompts is that I’ll often be prompted to respond outside the “rules” of the challenge. This is one of them. The Haunted Wordsmith posted this lovely picture prompt for her Worth a Thousand Words daily challenge.


She also posts a daily “Three Things Challenge.” Today’s prompts are discovery, lace, and basketball. In my mind, the two challenges combined and resulted in a video response. Once I associate a prompt with a song, any chance for following the challenge rules goes out the window.

With that disclaimer, here is “Skyline” written by Benjamin Orr and Diane Grey Page and released on Benjamin Orr’s 1986 debut solo album, The Lace.