Selfishness: A True Story?


“…. reorganizing, keeping one secretary, whose salary increases by $10,000. The other leaves today. You wanted increased responsibility. Have seniority. Choice is yours. Half hour to decide.”

WTF? Does he know I’ve been job shopping? More responsibility? Bullshit. From one boss to five is just more work. And Kathy’s new! Single mom; two small kids. She could use the raise. WHOA! With a $10,000 increase, I could finally afford to leave Jon! Backstab Kathy? That’s cold. Well, mom does deride me as selfish. Not true! I always put everyone’s needs before mine. Usually. Now? I just can’t. Guess mom was right after all.


Inspired by Natalie Swift's post on selfishness. 
Response to Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge's prompt: "Cold".

Finding Magic

What is magic? abracadabra. smoke & mirrors. witches. wizards. fantasy. astrology. numerology. science. religion. music. art. a good book. creation. birth. growth. spring flowers breaking through the snow. caterpillar into butterfly. tadpole into frog. fetus into baby. child’s laugh. first love. lover’s caress. sex. intimacy. soulmates.

Magic is instantaneous. fragile. evanescent. ephemeral.

When it happens, are you surprised? awed? dazzled? grateful?

While it lingers, do you cherish? nurture? embrace?

When it fades, do you cling? grasp?

When it’s gone, do you mourn? ache? yearn? chase?

Life is magic.

Love is magic.

Magic is (only) magic.