The Haunted Wordsmith lately has been playing with her phone, letting it write a 100 word story through predictive text. Her tales have been pretty funny, so I thought I’d try it. Don’t know if she has a “system,” but my rule is to use the first suggested word. Herewith:


Hey I’m going to be home I will be there in about hours Or is the day you want to me to pick up my car and then I will be home I will be there tomorrow night if you’re still up around to the house or tomorrow night or tomorrow or Saturday night or tomorrow night or night tomorrow or Sunday morning let us know thanks again I’ll see him later love to see if he’s able to sleep in the next few days I’ll let know when I get back to you thanks again for your dad and dad thanks for thinking of me and I hope you have a great day today love you xoxo


That’s crazy! Now I see why I shut off predictive text. It was fun, though, so I’ll leave it. Went over the 100 word limit because my phone doesn’t wordcount. Hmmm……wonder if any of that gobbledygook can be used to respond to an prompt.

FYI. Although I’ve used “gobbledygook” all my life, I decided to google it for those who never heard of it. I found this delightful article:



One thought on “Gobbledygook

  1. You’re a traveler…lol. Always on the go from here to there. You think about tomorrow a lot and love your family and friends.

    Pretty nice predictive text story 🙂


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