Medicine Wheel

Here’s another powerful, moving poem from wide-eyed wanderer: “Medicine Wheel”

Wide Eyed Wonderings

Many thanks to dVerse for this moving prompt Medicine


Art work from Pixabay

Medicine Wheel

“We are all connected,
by the delicate strands
of the web of life”
Grandmother, what does it mean?

That I am you and you are me?
That we all are one, but none to see?
Is my brother’s pain less than my own?
Does it hurt less when pain’s not shown?

Is life a line, with beginning and end?
or does the circle come ’round again?
So many questions, race thru my mind
Can we be safe, and still be kind?

If I reach out to those in need
am I fooled by hidden greed?
Or do I merely plant a seed?
Will that seed take root and grow
or wither and die like so many before?

Grandmother gently takes my hand
“Our lives are like the grains of sand
tiny and inconsequential, nothing more

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