First Post

It’s very weird, I think, to have a WordPress account for close to three years, posting only comments on other people’s pages. I’ve never posted on “my” page because I truly don’t know whether I want to blog at all, much less know what type of content I want. Coincidentally, earlier this week I had words in my head that wouldn’t leave me alone. I tried to make sense of them and ended up writing my first ever poem. It might turn out to be my only ever poem, but it seems fitting for a first post. So here it is:

You were here.
Shy smile enticing
Bright smile warming

You were here.
Mischief eyes enchanting
Forever eyes mesmerizing

You were here.
Magically mending
Lovingly tending
Suddenly rending

You were.


14 thoughts on “First Post

  1. nice picture. I recently start a blog of my own too. Speaking 5 languages you will see that i am playing with words. 😉 Your welcome on my page if you want to.

    All the best on your new path

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