Song Lyric Sunday — “Season’s Song”

With “season” as this week’s theme, you’d think a Christmas song would be an appropriate choice for Song Lyric Sunday. But not for me. So many classic rock songs played in my mind, I headed to YouTube, figuring that videos would help me make my choice. While there, I discovered a gem, new to me, “Season’s Song” from Robert Plant’s 2017 album “Carry Fire.”  Plant’s beautiful, dreamy singing surprised me. The sound is almost the polar opposite of Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant.

Usually, when I pick a Song Lyric Sunday song, my choice is based on any combination of love of the performer, love of the overall song, or love of the video. Those categories were not as influential this time, however. Today I truly chose this song based primarily on the lyrics. On this 23rd of December, on what would have been my and my late husband’s 39th wedding anniversary, the lyrics seem appropriate and bittersweet.



Season’s Song

Oh my love, what is there left to do?
The youth that slept inside me went away when I found you
Oh my love, what is there to be done?
My senses have escaped me, my mind is on the runOh, my love
Oh, my love

The nights grow long, there’s snow upon the hill
The taste upon your lips of summer’s slow farewell
No time my love, the bird is on the wing
Who stole my pretty songbird who no longer for me sings?

Oh, my love
Oh, my love

Oh, crazy Love

(Ah ah) Oh, season’s song
(Ah ah) Oh, season’s song
(Ah ah)

To dream my love, the desert in my soul
Of peace along the wayside on this solitary road
Oh my love, when all is said and done
I hear the sounds of heaven in your wondrous season’s song

Oh, my love
Oh, my love

Oh crazy, crazy love
Oh crazy love
My love, my love
Oh, my crazy love
Crazy love

Written by:

Justin Adams / John Baggott / William Fuller / Robert Plant / Liam Tyson