Song Lyric Sunday — “Another Sleep Song”

Helen Vahdati has come up with another great theme for Song Lyric Sunday: Sleep.  The most difficult part of trying to pick a song this week was avoiding those used for the “dream” theme in June! My song I stumbled on while searching. “Another Sleep Song” by Graham Nash appeared on his 1974 solo album, Wild Tales, not long before the breakup of his band, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Wild Tales was not particularly successful, peaking at only #34 on the Billboard 200. That may have been due to the album’s overall dark tone, a considerable change from Nash’s prior work. Like the rest of the album, “Another Sleep Song” is somber but is a well-written, emotional reflection on slipping into depression.



Another Sleep Song
All is need is someone to awaken me
much of me has gone to sleep and I’m afraid to wake up
shake me by the shoulder if I’m lying with you now
when I talk about the time I sleep away
when it’s hard to face the day.

When I think of all the love that’s taken me
how much do I get to keep and much should I give up?
shake me by the shoulder if I’m lying to you now
I’m listening to the lies inside my head
who can hurt you in your bed?

Fear of other people is a thing I hate
I travel in a bubble and I can’t relate.
Something is happening to my head
I don’t want to hurt you
but I never heard a word you said

Has this empty hollow heart forsaken me?
I wonder if I’ll ever get to feel like I did
before I grew up.
shake me by the shoulder if I’m lying with you now
There is no time to waste another day
cause we watch them fly away.