Random Acts of Kindness Award


Thank you, MwsR, for nominating me for this award, which is given to someone who has shown kindness to another blogger or to the Word Press community. I am surprised and humbled by this honor. Thank you!

The rules are:

1- Tell who you nominate and why.

2= Copy and share the picture that shows the award, posted above.

3- Share  a paragraph of something that impacted your own life in the way of receiving kindness or how you extended kindness to someone else.

4- Nominate anyone or share to your own page. If you so choose to Participate. Tag or pingback to the original person who nominated you, or the original post.

Kindness given to me:

Two years ago, I underwent nearly seven weeks of daily radiation for breast cancer. One of my neighbors, a woman I barely knew, called me every few days to offer help in whatever way I needed. I’m not one to talk about my problems, including health, nor do I ask for or accept help. Nevertheless, she continued to call. I think it was in the fourth week of radiation that the fatigue set in, compounded by lost sleep caused by the pain of radiation burns. One morning, as I was trying to work up the strength for my daily half-hour drive to the cancer center, my neighbor called. I finally broke down and told her about my fatigue, pain, and concern about my ability to continue driving myself to my treatment. She immediately offered to drive me every day, starting on the next day, and enlisted another neighbor to drive me that day. For the next three weeks, this woman I hardly knew gave up two to three hours daily to help me get to and from my appointments. We became good friends and, if she were on WordPress, I would certainly nominate her for this award!


My nominees have been consistently encouraging and helpful to me and to others, both in their comments and in the types of posts they write. they are:

Spoonie the wide-eyed wanderer

Natalie  The Darkest Tunnel

Fritzie Life Travel Soul

Michelle MwsR Writings   (I know it’s unusual to nominate the creator of an award. And I’m absolutely positive she didn’t create it with the idea that someone would give her the award. But, really, don’t you all think she deserves it?)



You Can Vote: Who Should Win An International Literary Prize in 2018?

TIL: The Nobel literature prize will not be awarded this year because of a sex–abuse corruption scandal. But never fear! Swedish journalist Alexandra Pascalidou has organized a one-off New Academy Prize in Literature to be awarded October 14. According to The New Academy website, the non-profit organization was formed not only to ensure that an international literary prize would be awarded in 2018 “but also as a reminder that literature should be associated with democracy, openness, empathy and respect.” The award will be presented at a banquet on December 10, 2018, and The New Academy will self-destruct (“dissolve” in legal parlance) the following day, December 11, 2018.

Unlike the Nobel, this will not be an elitist prize. The general public can vote on the 46 nominees vying for inclusion in the final judging. Cast your vote on The New Academy website here.  Voting closes August 14. Let your literary voices be heard!