The New Emperor’s New Clothes


Art-of-the-Deal attitude motivates renegotiations. Who’s vanquished?


Written in response to Fandango’s One Word Challenge prompt “attitude“; and in response to J.I. Rogers’ Six-Word Challenge prompt “vanquish.”   Photo by Jiroe on Unsplash 


4 thoughts on “The New Emperor’s New Clothes

    1. thank you! I did get the notification; I’m just not in a writing mood at the moment. Will definitely respond. As for “art-of-the-deal”, that’s the name of Trump’s (ghost-written) book about what a great negotiator he is. LOL

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        1. HI Harley! I’m posting here because I couldn’t find a “contact” section on your blog. Just wanted to let you know that my response to the Leibster nomination will be to decline. I’m really a private person, and the Leibster requirements of 10 random personal facts and answering 11 questions (some personal) are just too invasive for me.The main reason I plan to respond in a post is to share your blog, which I love. You’re sooo creative! A secondary reason is to reiterate that I don’t like participating in quizzes, questionnaires, etc. and *really* don’t like having to tag other people to participate. So…..I’m truly thankful that you nominated me and that you enjoy my blog, but I hope you understand why I’m declining.


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