Selfishness: A Room of Her Own

She softly closed her bedroom door, easing the doorknob lock into place. Silently, she slid open the top drawer. Gently pushing aside the pile of socks and undies, she carefully reached under the little shelf holding a jumble of wayward buttons, Girl Scout pins, and badges waiting to be sewn onto her sash. Pulling out the little pink book, she inserted the tiny gold key and sighed. “Dear Diary: Why do I feel so guilty, sneaking to be alone in my own room? I just want to write … ”

Behind her, Mother burst in. “So that’s where you hide it!”


99 Words

Inspired by Natalie Swift's post on selfishness.
Response to Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge prompt "button"

15 thoughts on “Selfishness: A Room of Her Own

  1. I simply loved this piece! ❤
    I loved how you've managed to convey so much about the girl with just one action: the "jumble of wayward buttons, Girl Scout pins, and badges" all of them seem so inconsequential but convey so much to the reader about her. You've managed to create a character with an actual personality in 99 words and that's more than I can say for most of the books I've read recently.
    Looking forward to reading more from you!

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      1. Honestly, I’m so honoured that my writing could inspire other art and I just lovvve reading what other people can come up with…
        It was my pleasure! ❤

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